$15/Hr Minimum Wage

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Workers across BC deserve a wage that will lift them above the poverty line.

The Fair Wages Commission was established by the BC government to set a timeline to get to a $15/hr minimum wage. Workers can't wait until 2021. The longer we wait, the more low-wage workers fall behind.

We need thousands of people to support a $15/hr minimum wage for all workers by January 2019! 

Time is limited. The Commission is only receiving feedback for the next few weeks. That means we need you to send a message today. 

Send a message of support. It only takes a few seconds. 
Your support will make sure that workers in BC finally see the end of poverty wages. Click here to send your message now or go to http://www.fightfor15bc.ca/fairwages

Thanks for your support.
Irene Lanzinger
President, BC Federation of Labour