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CUPE Local 15
545 West 10th Avenue

Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1K9
Phone: 604-879-4671
Fax: 604-879-7582

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Find a Shop Steward

If you require a Shop Steward please call the CUPE Local 15 office at 604-879-4671 and give your contact information or use the form below to email the Union office. Shop Stewards consult with the Staff Representatives for you.

To find other bargaining unit contacts you can visit your workplace page to find your Key Contacts on the right hand menu.

If you have an urgent matter please call the union office: 604-879-4671.

Mobility Challenges?
The CUPE Local 15 office is very old and unfortunately not accessible. For our brothers and sisters with mobility challenges please note that the office is on the 3rd floor and there is no elevator. If you are attending an appointment or meeting with one of our staff, please contact them in advance to make alternate arrangements for the meeting place or call the Secretary-Treasurer at 604-879-4671. We sincerely apologize and want you to know we are working very hard to rectify the accessibility issues with our building.

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