COVID-19 Closures for City and Parks Members

Friday, March 20, 2020

Dear Members At City & Parks:

CUPE Local 15 was informed by your employers late this afternoon that some staff were advised not to report to work after today. As we understand it some members will be asked to work from home where their duties are considered critical (described to us as those that are essential to maintain public health and safety) and where they are able to do so, while others will not. Also as we understand it, these decisions are being made a the operational level and pursuant to public health direction that people remain home wherever possible.

Regarding the interim pay provisions the messaging from the employer is as follows;

“The continuation of pay decision, that was communicated on March 18 is not individualized to the employee, and not predicated on a cessation of all duties or services. The 14 day window has already begun in those operations which scaled back or ceased serving the public.” City of Vancouver

Your union has asked for clarification with respect to this messaging, but we are hopeful that the interim measures continue to capture all of our members for the immediate time being. We are in discussions with the employer in an attempt to reach a framework agreement that will mitigate the impact to our members as best we can.