CRA 2016 Tax Credit for Teachers and Early Childhood Educators

Friday, November 17, 2017

In 2016, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) announced a tax credit for Teachers and Early Childhood educators who spent personal money (not reimbursed through PAC, school or classroom enhancement funding) for supplies used in their classroom.

In consultation with our Secretary Treasurer and other school districts, the attached form was created and is available on the VSB printing digital storefront for employees to download and complete themselves if they are eligible to take advantage of the tax credit.    It is each individual employee’s responsibility to download the form, complete and request their school based administrator to sign if they are eligible and wish to take advantage of this federal tax credit.  Employee’s should have the receipts attached to the form to prove the purchases and maintain in case the CRA randomly audits their personal income tax filing.

CLA-PA-012 Eligible Educators School Supply Tax Credit Form.pdf116.13 KB