CUPE 15 Committees

  • Education - Sally Bankiner - Chair, Joy Tullos, Debbie Mohabir, Mia Nickel, Gaye Fowler, Deneen Mooney, Starla Bayley, Briana Fraser

  • Grievance

  • Staff Advisory - Warren Williams, Sally Bankiner, Gaye Fowler, Santino Scardillo

  • Bylaw/Policies - Warren Williams, Sally Bankiner, Santino Scardillo

  • Finance - Sally Bankiner, Mark Gloumeau, Donna Petersen, Thomas Leung, Ravina Lal

  • New and Young Workers - Gaye Fowler, Alex Fowler, Sunera Samarakoon, Willow Silvestrone

  • Social - Sally Bankiner, Gaye Fowler

  • Occupational Health & Safety - Sally Bankiner, Allison Bell, Donna Petersen, Chad Cammer

  • Contracting In Commitee - Santino Scardillo, Tony Zullo, Brent Mattson, Gurdeep Birdi, Henry Lee, Paul Chohan, Subrata Dasgupta

For information on these committees, including participation requirements, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer, Sally Bankiner at