CUPE Governance Task Force Information and Survey

Monday, November 5, 2018

In August 2018 we reported that at the 2017 CUPE National Convention, delegates adopted Resolution 36, which called for the creation of a Task Force on Governance to conduct a comprehensive review of the governance and structure of our National Union.

In March 2018, the National Executive Board confirmed the Task Force, which is made up of eight National Executive Board members and eight CUPE activists who serve in elected positions at other levels of our union. As part of their work, they are seeking input from CUPE members, locals, and other chartered bodies.

We are resending this survey as CUPE National has advised that they have had a low response.
Given the importance of this survey to our overall union please take approximately 10 minutes to complete it as soon as possible.

Take the survey online.

Thank you very much.
Warren Williams, President