CUPE Local 15 President Response to Health Members Regarding Recent Message from VCH CEO, Subject: “What if… starts today!”

Friday, September 22, 2017

Recently you would have received an email from the President and CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health, Mary Ackenhusen, with the subject line “What if… starts today!”  The purpose of this email was to encourage employees of VCH to participate in an organization-wide survey, entitled “My VCH”, which will apparently ask you about your experiences working for VCH.  This survey is scheduled to be circulated on September 25th and we want to encourage you to participate and provide candid replies.

For example, if you are among our many members who are unsatisfied with your hours of work and the elimination of your earned day off, we encourage you to express those feelings. Or if you are feeling the impact of increased workload because VCH does not backfill your work while you are absent, please notify VCH of this and insist that they do better. If you feel frustrated that you come to work when you are sick to avoid Attendance and Wellness Program Meetings with your manager, and that your use of sick time is constantly questioned, let them know how this affects you.

Whether you are satisfied or less than satisfied working for VCH, this is a rare opportunity to have your voice heard. This is why we are encouraging you to participate. Ms Ackenhusen states in her email that “Your responses will help us understand how truly “healthy” VCH is and what we need to do next. The VCH Senior Leadership Team is 100% behind this and ready to work together to act on your feedback.” If this is true, this is an exciting opportunity to inform your employer and improve your working conditions.

Let’s show VCH how loud the voice of 900 CUPE 15 members can be.

In solidarity,

Warren Williams