CUPE Local 15 Proposed Bylaws

Thursday, March 28, 2019

As reported in the March issue of the Members' Voice, proposed bylaw amendments were presented at the March 27, 2019 General Membership meeting, and will continue to be presented at subsequent meetings as needed for the members to vote on. As per Section 23 of the current bylaws, an amendment can only be passed if two-thirds of the members voting, vote in favour.

The Proposed Bylaw Amendments document is attached below. Please note, this version has been updated from the versions previously posted on the website on March 12, 2019 and March 21, 2019. Hard copies of the most current version were provided at the March 27th General Memership Meeting and will continue to be provided going forward.

The document lists the current language, the proposed language with clearly marked changes, and how the new language will read if passed. The current bylaws are also attached for your information.

Bylaws.CUPE15.pdf1.02 MB
Proposed Bylaw Amendments.WebVersion.pdf612.58 KB