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How many members does CUPE 15 have?
CUPE Local 15 has 7500 members.

What does the union office do and who works there?
The President and Secretary Treasurer work full time at the union office and are full time political officers of the union. CUPE Local 15 also employs its own specialized staff including staff representatives, an office manager, office support staff, an accounting coordinator and a building maintenance worker. All staff work under the direction of the Executive Board and are an important part of our local. In addition, CUPE directly supplies Local 15 with national and legal representatives and clerical support.

How are the Executive Board and Trustees elected?
An Executive Board and Trustees are elected by the membership at an Annual General Meeting held every April.

What are membership meetings and when are they held?
Membership meetings are held nine times per year. Membership meetings are where discussion, debate, appointments, elections and major decisions take place that impact you and your co-workers. It is also your opportunity to find out first hand the latest news, provide input, and ask questions on the issues that you are concerned about.

What services does CUPE 15 provide for members?
Negotiates with employers for fair and respectful wages, benefits and working conditions
Ensures that all members work in a safe and healthy workplace Supports members against unfair treatment and harassment.

Ensures that all provisions of the Collective Agreement are upheld by employers Represents members' interests to employers, governments, and in the community
Has specialized staff to fully represent members including Job Evaluation and Legal Representatives