Home Health Redesign Project

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Attention: CUPE HSPBA members working in Home Health programs across VCH:

The union has received notice that VCH is moving forward with a Home Health Redesign project, beginning immediately. They report that this is happening as part of a provincial mandate in their Integrated Primary and Community Care Initiative. Many of you have attended presentations at your work sites where they have presented the goals of this redesign, purported to improve the quality of life and functional status for those in our care, using a "care management approach".  We know that VCH envisions that everyone in Home Health will case manage, and that there will be no separate Case Manager designation. This process is being piloted in Powell River, though implementation there has yet to occur. We have been told to expect displacements as a result of this process.

Managers and staff will begin by having meetings to map out current state of service delivery at each CHC and together with the LEAN team build a “Future State ” vision for care. Implementation for Richmond is set for late 2013, with Vancouver and the North Shore to follow in 2014. These meetings are very important and we have been told that union involvement will be expected.

This is where we need your help. We currently have a minimal number of stewards and we are absolutely NOT able to attend meetings at your sites related to this redesign. We want to know what is happening, but we need you to tell us. Please let us know who from your team (HSPBA CUPE member please) will be in touch with us about when meetings are occurring and what questions are being asked. Our intention is to meet with site reps on an ongoing basis to debrief and plan our response.

Please be in contact with Chris Losito (604-233-3106 or chris.losito@yahoo.com) or Mia Nickel (mia.nickel@vch.ca  604-675-3988 x20338)