Langara Bargaining News

Friday, December 20, 2019

News from the Langara Bargaining Committee - The Bargaining Committee has reviewed the results of the bargaining survey and have been working on proposals and strategy for contract negotiations with the employer.

We will be sending out a notice to all members for a meeting to vote on the ratification of proposals in the New Year.

We would like to thank those fellow members in each department for their support during this time. Bargaining is a team effort! We are grateful to everyone who is covering for us while we’re away.

The Bargaining Committee has researched and prepared improvements for our Collective Agreement.

The Bargaining Committee is aware, as many of you are, that the mandate in the Public Sector is a 3 year contract with wage increases of 2% each year.

The committee has been looking at creative ways in which we can enhance the collective agreement for the workers at Langara and still stay within the government mandate.

We are confident our employer is willing to openly discuss the changes we present and that a fair and equitable agreement will be made.

During negotiations, it is the committee’s work to express the unified ideas of our membership.

As items are brought to the table and changes are made we will need to stand together as members with a collective voice.

However, the Bargaining Committee hopes you understand that negotiations are confidential. We will not be able to discuss the details of the contract while at the table.

We will, however, do our best to communicate with the membership as we proceed. If necessary, we will hold a general meeting with our membership in order to better inform you of the issues at hand.

Thanks again for all your help while we laid the groundwork and for your future support in the work yet to come.

In solidarity from your Bargaining Committee,  Ari Crossby, Craig Madokoro, Brie McMillan, Rose Palozzi and Gail Johnson, Staff Representative