Langara College Update

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Dear Members:

We hope that you are well and finding ways to keep safe despite the difficult circumstances surrounding our current health crisis. We are sure you are eager, as are we, to understand what is coming next and when we can begin our journey back to work. For now, we will have to wait and continue following the advice of our health advisors and government agencies. If you have any questions about individual work circumstances, please direct them to the contacts listed below. We may not always have a complete answer, but we will do our best to direct you to appropriate resources and support.

We are writing today to bring you updates where possible. We will continue circulating information as it comes and thank you for your feedback through this process.

Around Campus

The bookstore has reopened following COVID-19 guidelines and shopping is available by appointment only. Daycare is also operating for those critical workers who are still on campus. Our facilities staff is on site providing important maintenance work and a few labs are still running in a very reduced capacity. We thank those workers who continue to provide integral services in order to meet Langara’s varied operational needs.

As mentioned before, Langara will continue with alternative delivery through to the end of April 2020.  Enrolment for the summer semester is proceeding and we are in discussion with Langara around potential impacts to our members. The college is expecting to have some information from the Ministry in the last week of April. That information will guide Langara in their future decisions.  We will continue to regularly meet with Langara to be able to provide you with the most up to date information as possible.


CUPE 15 and Langara College (the parties), have agreed to enter into an expedited bargaining process to work towards achieving an agreement during this public health emergency. The parties are motivated to work together to achieve this goal and we are pleased to say that the tone at the table has been reasonable and cooperative. Thanks to your support, the Bargaining Committee has identified key areas of focus and is busy prioritizing the most significant needs arising from your ratified package.

Langara College has delivered their proposals. The Bargaining Committee has reviewed them and has responded to housekeeping items. We are meeting regularly as a team and are scheduling bargaining dates with Langara College in the near future.  Our interest is in preserving the rights of you, the members, and securing positive growth at your worksite. We have heard what you need and will do our best to safeguard those hard-earned benefits which we know are necessary to do your jobs.

The past several weeks have brought new conditions to which we all are adapting. We thank you for your patience and your resilience during this adjustment period. Thanks also to those of you who have brought forward concerns as we continue to meet with Langara to discuss the various impacts this crisis has had on you. Your feedback is invaluable and helps direct our dialogue. Feel free to reach out through the contact information below with any further questions.

In solidarity,

Gail Johnson                                                           Rose Palozzi
Staff Representative, CUPE Local 15                     Langara Sector Representative, CUPE Local 15                                  

Contact Us:

If you need to reach CUPE 15, please access us through the website, email or by phone using the following contacts:


Online Resources

Below we’ve compiled various links to websites with up-to-date information. We recommend you check these daily as the programs are being built as we speak.

CUPE has put out a Q&A about the Canada Emergency Response Benefit:

For latest and up-to-date information on the COVID-19 outbreak visit the

BC Centre for Disease Control:

For more local news also visit the Government of British Columbia:

Government of Canada:

CUPE BC is regularly posting up-to-date information for all CUPE members in the province at:

CUPE National also has regularly updated information at:

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