May and June at the Vancouver School Board - A message from the K-12 President's Council

Monday, April 27, 2020

We have learned today that the school districts will be receiving guidance from Government regarding what May and June might look like in terms of continuity of services and impacts on employees, including on our members. We anticipate Government will be providing consistent information across the public sector in the coming days, much like they did in March for the months of March and April.

We have been advised that what May and June will look like will differ across school districts, depending on their individual continuity plan, the needs of the individual community, and what meaningful work exists. This won’t be a “one size fits all” approach:  discussions will have to happen at the local level.  That being said, Collective Agreements are still in effect and cannot be disregarded or ignored by individual districts.  We recommend that locals contact their districts in order to start conversations.  Where we run into difficulty, please let your CUPE National Servicing Representative know so that we can coordinate efforts effectively and in a timely manner.

CUPE Local 15 will be reaching out to the VSB again to discuss working conditions for our members.

In solidarity and safety,
Warren Williams, President K-12 Presidents Council