VAG Bargaining Update

Friday, August 4, 2017

Thank you all for taking the time to fill out our Bargaining Survey! We especially appreciate the specific comments that came from so many of you as it really helps us understand the issues you’re facing in the workplace. Some of these issues can and will be addressed at the bargaining table as they relate specifically to our Collective Agreement. Other concerns can be handled at Labour Management in the form of committee work.
A few of you have stepped forward to get involved and we have upcoming education opportunities for those of you still interested in supporting your workforce. Please contact Shop Steward, Noel Macul ( if you wish to be involved in any of the following committees: 

  • Long Term Disability Committee

  • OH&S

  • Reclassification and Salary Schedule Committee

  • Benefits Committee 

Your bargaining committee has been meeting weekly to thoroughly research the Collective Agreement and work on our proposals. We have a few more meetings in August until we’ll be ready for a membership ratification of the bargaining package with information emailed early September.
Labour Management meetings continue to develop trust between the union and senior management. As stated by our employer, we are also looking forward to negotiating in the fall towards a fair and equitable agreement.
So many of you have expressed your full support of your managers and your dedication to the work you do. As your Bargaining Committee, we aim to bring this enthusiasm to the table in the hopes of resolving your concerns. Thank you so very much for your continued support.

Your Bargaining Committee, Kulvinder Lehal, Noel Macul, Misty Oakes, Susan Rome, Jim Stamper, Gail Johnson (Staff Representative)