VSB COVID-19 Update - June 26, 2020 - Happy Summer!

Friday, June 26, 2020

Well, this roller coaster ride of a school year is finally over, sort of.

We wish to extend our deep appreciation to all VSB members who travelled on this crazy journey with us as we tried to navigate through the worst pandemic in our history. We couldn’t have done it without you, the members. You provided us with information that had we not heard from you, we would not have known about. For that we are most grateful.

When we say the school year is only sort of over we mean it. Several grievances have been filed for members who did not receive accommodations, and we will be working over the summer to try and get resolution to them. But most importantly, we are trying to get information from the employer regarding the planning that they’re doing for September.They have said publicly that they are in the planning stages, and CUPE Local 15 along with all the other unions of the VSB have said we wish to know just exactly what those plans are, and like all the other unions, we have heard nothing.

We wish to let everyone know that as soon as we know anything we will be posting the information on our website as well as sending out information directly to you. You can also check on Provincial updates at CUPE BC Schools webpage as well. 

President, Warren Williams, myself and Debbie Mohabir our newly elected Secretary-Treasurer will be meeting with several Provincial Cabinet Ministers and MLA’s next week to talk about our experiences with the VSB during COVID-19. We have many things to share, and suggestions to be made going forward. 

If you know of someone not receiving the bulletins, please remind them to provide their email address to our office. 

Most importantly, everyone, hold your heads high, you deserve it!  You all faced challenges that no other front line workers had to face, and you did it with the grace and professionalism that you give every day in working for the VSB. So for one last time: BE KIND, BE CALM AND BE SAFE. Happy Summer to All! 

In solidarity,

Kathie Currie, Staff Representative
Warren Williams, President
Debbie Mohabir, Secretary-Treasurer
Cynthia Schadt, A/Chief Shop Steward