VSB Questions and Answers - More to follow

Monday, March 23, 2020

These are questions put to the VSB today. Their answer is in bold.

  1. Employees having to use their sick days for self-isolation – The current practice conflicts with the recent letter from PSEC as well as the PHO recommendations to self-isolate. The union’s position is that the employee should continue to be paid, especially those who were on vacation before the PHO made her recommendation (March 12) as well as those who are directed into self-quarantine out of an abundance of caution.  The VSB have asked for clarity on this and have sent our collective agreement language to BCPSEA.

  2. Employees working from home should be paid their regular salary if performing any type of work from home.  We believe this is happening – we do have staff in several departments working from home - although we may have some we are coding in order to do our 14 day count on isolation – as I said in a previous email, we can correct things in SFE if needed.

  3. Doctors Notes – We believe that an employee who is diagnosed as non-symptomatic of COVID 19 should not have to provide a doctor’s note if they were off work for a non COVID19 illness.  We do have many extensions at this time – as we had many who had their sick leave approved only till the beginning of the break – a few have been cleared but many are extending – we are working through these case by case as we know it is a challenge to get in to see a doctor/specialist during this time.  I see that you sent me an email from BC Family doctors – I will forward the link to BCPSEA as well.  We are also navigating employees who have told us they are required to self isolate based on the self assessment tool but then are saying they feel better…so these are the tricky ones we are dealing with because we want to ensure safe worksites for all of our employees.

Should any other issues present themselves we will be sure to pass them on to youI will try to get information on your latest set of questions – we are aware of some staff with immune issues that are already on record – some in the Ed Center with conditions are already working at home - but we might not have all if they have never been on a health leave- as well are asking for expectations on employees who are needed to work with no childcare.  I think the province is trying to get a big picture of all the questions so there is a coordinated response so I will keep asking!